We rank your website in top 5 results on Google.

We are an Oxfordshire based SEO company specialising in providing search optimisation services for small-to-medium local and national businesses. My name is Fery, and I run this SEO boutique along with my wife who’s got a master in mathematics and computer science, and who’s helping our clients revamp their websites and build great web applications.

With an extensive experience of over 12 years in ranking websites on the first page on Google, working with over 100 websites, and owning over 80 websites myself (and about 300 domain names) I can say I’ve been through all. I’ve seen how Google evolved year by year, and I’ve studied this great search engine detail by detail – I’ve developed powerful web tools that can help me conduct advanced research in the field of SEO and find the patterns that help successful website rank in top 5 on Google.